Monday, July 27, 2009


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Toby's on Commercial, the nearest & most convenient spirit distributor in my neighbourhood has recently become my usual local big-screen/off-sales/watering-hole (after I won the Guinness leather jacket in the St. Paddy's Day raffle). Unfortunately while suffering through recent roasting heat I was redundantly, sadly distraught that they too had also experienced a major power outage.
What to do/where to go in this crazy sweltering heatwave...?
Drying up on the Drive, parched & dehydrated, I luckily stumbled upon an as-of-yet undiscovered oasis tucked in jaround the corner just off of Kingsway near Clark.
I felt like an awe-struck, Greteless, slack-jawed Hansel, dumb-founded at the Gingerbreadhouse-like vision of the CedarCottageCoffee-shop/bar/liquor-store.
Revival from perishing summer-stroke heat relief had finally arrived!
Entering into the icy-cold pearly-gated glass door of the fully-stocked beer cooler hit me like sudden death in an instant chilling face-wash.
No witches- only the angels behind the till with sun-lit halos-
they said there would be a $5.00 cover charge if I stayed in the wonderful walk-in ice palace for another 5 minutes longer...
Died & gone to Heaven...!

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