Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Eagle has landed-Apollo11

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I remember watching Walter Cronkite live on CBS in the elementary school auditorium and then running home to follow the finale @ home with my family. Far be it from me to be a conspiracy theorist, and yet there are still so many blackholes....
JFK & his brother barely deflected the Cuban missile crisis & promised a rocket lunar landing in the Sea of Tranquility rather than the Bay of Pigs before the end of the decade.
An Oliver Stone/Michael Moore style film "Capricorn One" (not to be confused with Henry Miller's must-read/see "Tropic of Capricorn" ) fictitionally debunked the landing.
But now it seems NASA has scuttled all moon exploration & says it has lost the original lunar footage- kinda' like Gordo Campbell's deleted e-mails on the BC Rail Affair.
Hmmm....What up w/ that...?
Fly me to the moon-
One of these days , Alice...

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