Sunday, March 28, 2010

We we're no angels...

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Just heard from an old friend on Facebook that that my buddy Rob died from a massive heart attack last night.We we're no angels...
We first met during Expo'86 where we shared locker space & were both working as waiters at 86Street/FlyingClub/Wave. There we hooked up with another life-long buddy Craig Dong, then later with Fred Jacklin. We were thick as thieves. We later worked together at the Landis Hotel & he got me a job at The Century Plaza. We worked as extras together on the "We're No Angels" movie set on Stave Lake & were constantly upstaging RobertDeNiro & SeanPenn- much to their chagrin. We were also roommates in a funky West End apartment for a couple years where he loved to cook with hot sauce. We took the Coleman stove & went to picnics diving off the cliffs at Lighthouse Park We went to so many punk rock concerts all over town. The Clash, The Jam. Beastie Boys. PIL, Ice T, the Femmes- so many! He was also a film buff & introduced me to the old black & white genre. Clift,Cagney,Dean & Bogey were all his faves. He not only loved old movies and was also the biggest Canucks fan I have ever met. While I was living in Korea,before the internet Rob used to send me post mail with Canuck calenders & newspaper clippings to keep up on the boys. But most of all - he was a very proud Papa. Mac, Zoe & Wyatt were his pride & joy. I hadn't seen him in awhile since he moved to Ontario where he was fulfilled as a care-giver, but we kept in touch on facebook & msnmess & he always sent me pictures of him happy & smiling taking his kids to a hockey or soccer game or playing in the snow. He was always so upbeat & positive & had a real lust for life. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say good-bye. I have been in tears for a week reminiscing & realizing what a profound impact & huge effect Rob had on shaping my life.
Thanks man for schooling me on what it means to be a man.
Top of the world Wavecrusher! 
Top of the world- Will
Here's lookin' at you kid
Love you man...

RIP William Roberts Windwick